Circular Fashion & The Rental Revolution

Icon representing Circular Fashion and the Rental Revolution
Book Your Look is pleased to be a part of the Circular Fashion economy.
When our BYL Beauties book their look, they are making smart and sustainable choices. You can own the moment and take care of our planet at the same time!
We are all guilty - buying a new outfit for every event and never wearing it again. Book Your Look offers our beauties new curated, designer looks while reducing consumption and creating more space in your wardrobe.

By hiring your look rather than buying it, you are creating a better future and here’s why:

Hiring instead of buying means less waste and less textiles in landfill, it's as simple as that.

Fast fashion has a harsh impact on our environment as they consist of non-renewable sources, emission of greenhouse gasses and the excessive use of water and energy.

By hiring looks, all our BYL Beauties are making a conscious decision to reduce their fashion footprint.

Book Your Look is making the necessary changes to create a better future along with all our fashion loving beauties. Using compost reusable mailer bags and swing tags made from organic cotton, BYL is ready to carve their sustainable fashion footprint.

But, did you love it!?